About Us

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Our Location

We are located in the Saxonburg Municipal Center, 420 W Main Street, Saxonburg, PA 16056.

Our Mission

To satisfy our customers' expectations for high quality, reliable sewage service at the lowest reasonable price.


Who is the SAA?

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Saxonburg​ was incorporated in 1957. In 1979, the Authority changed its name to the Saxonburg Area Authority (SAA). The A​uthority is a Municipal Authority as defined by the​ Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Act of 1945. The Authority provides sanitary sewage service to approximately 4,000 customers in Clinton Township, Jefferson Township, Middlesex Township, Penn Township and Saxonburg Borough.

Nine Authority Board Members, from each of the five municipalities served are responsible for the overall direction and policy decisions of the Authority. The Authority’s staff is responsible for the daily operations.

​The Authority is a self-contained body addressing all operational functions through its administrative, operations and maintenance staff. The Authority employs a Manager/Professional Engineer who is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Authority, a Controller who is responsible for the financial activities of the Authority, a Director of Operations who oversees the operations of the Waste Water Treatment Facility, external crew members who operate and maintain the sanitary sewer system and perform general maintenance, a Director of Development who assists the Manager in facilitating the design criteria for the existing system and the development of the system. This position is also responsible for the inspection of the construction of the Authority’s and its customer’s infrastructure. All invoices, payment collections and service calls are processed through the Authority’s Billing Department. The Authority’s Billing Department consists of an Administrative Assistant and two Office Assistants/Billing Technicians. The operations and maintenance staff perform all required operations and maintenance in the Authority’s system. This staff consists of Wastewater Operators, an Equipment Operator and Laborers.

​The SAA currently maintains a Wastewater Treatment Facility, seven Sewage Pumping Stations, and 140 miles of sewer lines.