Sewer Service Area Map

Attention Customers, Potential Customers, and Developers:

The primary goal of our Index Map system is to assist you in determining if a property or location can achieve sanitary sewer service. As such, our maps display the sanitary mainlines, property boundaries, and local roadways to assist in locating sewers and parcels. The sanitary lines will be shown as small green lines on these maps, and the nodes along its path are manholes. Overlaid on these drawings are rectangles labeled with a number; these are called “tiles”, and each one represents an area shown in a more detailed “Plan” drawing in the Authority’s records.

For ease of use, we have broken our primary index map into smaller regions. Please determine the municipality of the property you wish to investigate and search the appropriate in the linked maps provided below.

Once you have approximately located the property or parcel on the regional Index drawing, please email us via the “Contact Us” link below; provide the region of your search and the number on the “tile.” In addition, please include a Tax Parcel Number or an address to allow a quicker response. We will review and respond, and provide more detailed area drawings.


Ryan Malarik
SAA Director of Development

Map Links:
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Northern Penn Township

Southern Penn Township & Northern Middlesex Township

Southern Middlesex Township

Saxonburg, Jefferson, & Clinton Township


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